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The KD Design Family

We have been developing new and exciting technologies that keep its products on the cutting-edge. Solving the problems of professional and aspiring pros in recording, broadcast and high-fi, KD Design’s products are both extremely price competitive and superior in sound quality.


Elite Series
Reference Monitors

Currently available and on sale, KD Elite monitor family comprises bi-amplified two-way 8” and 6” models and a complementary 12” subwoofer, each outfitted with custom components. Contact us for special pricing that is being offered to make way for the upcoming re-designed models.

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Coming Soon:
Re-designed Elite Series

Planned for the beginning of 2023, the new Elite Series Reference Monitors will launch as a family of no-compromise studio speakers aimed at professionals that own or work in recording and broadcast. Boasting a distinctive industrial design, the Elite Series outperforms products costing significantly more and offer advanced features that separate them from competitive offerings.

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Coming Soon:

Featuring exceptional aesthetics, unique driver components, and customization performance under smart device control, the Nitro line is planned for mid-2023 for aspiring audio pros working from home project studios. They are also ideal candidates for entry into the AV/Contractor market, especially in home theater applications.

Parallel Lines


Klawitter Design (KD), a 30-year-old professional audio loudspeaker manufacturer located in Southern California, aims to shake up the global audio industry with the company’s re-launch and two new speaker lines designed by its reputable founder and master product designer Keith R. Klawitter.

Klawitter is best known for the development of KRK Systems (now a member of the Gibson family of brands) which are recognized as the Gold Standard by top performers and recording engineers worldwide because of their unique sonic signature and aesthetic appeal.

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"You must hear these, the imaging is like touching the performer within the sound stage. These KD monitors are the best sounding speakers I've ever heard, I think everyone should have a pair they sound amazing!”

Ken Caillat, Producer, Fleetwood Mac, Rumours


Some of Our Amazing Clients



Elite Series

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